Monday, November 30, 2009

Where can I get a pair of Stella McCartney's Fall '08 wedges?

They have a structural wooden bottom, almond shaped toe and covered platform. There's a link that leads to a pic of one of the styles:

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank in advance!!Where can I get a pair of Stella McCartney's Fall '08 wedges?
Neiman Marcus
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  • When Heather Mills McCartney says someone is behind vicious attacks, does she mean Stella McCartney?

    I think Stella McCartney put a cigarette out in Heather's hand once, didn't she????When Heather Mills McCartney says someone is behind vicious attacks, does she mean Stella McCartney?
    I never heard of that. But that is cruel.When Heather Mills McCartney says someone is behind vicious attacks, does she mean Stella McCartney?
    you people act like Paul McCartney is Jesus, that is ridiculous, he's a rich musician, not a bunny rabbit Report Abuse

    Deluded, vicious people who are slamming Heather need to get their thick heads out of the sand. It's a well known FACT that Paul is rather a thick-headed misogynist, but I suppose because he was a BEATLE, it's okay to treat women like crap?

    ';Sir'; Paul is no SAINT, people! Get real! Report Abuse

    Well I can imagine him being thick-headed, if his most recent album is any example. thick-headed and stubborn if he thought it was any good. just find out how many billions it made for Starbucks Report Abuse

    yeah great actress of course she 's upset people see through her and her get up is over with. as far as stella not liking her she pegged her right on the nose ahead of time. Paul was in love and love does stupid things to people and he didnt' see it as he was caught up in the whrilwind love. Im sure heather said and did all the right things. she saw her meal ticket. She's like a snake waiting in the woods to pounce on some kind caring bunny ( that would be paul) and Paul not a whimp its just the fact he was looking for genuine love and thought this woman really truelly cares for him not his money name or foturne. she proved that wrong.

    Okay so marraiges don't work nobodys fault sometimes but that doesn't mean you have to send the man to the cleaners in a divorce its not like he was caught cheating on her or disrespecting her to make her that angry to take alot of his money.

    Don't forget Paul was married to his long time wife for a very long time he isnt' a player out there like other men and so when his wife died he mourned and then was ready to find another good wife. problem is he won't find another one like his first. can't blame the guy for trying ..

    Just to many gold diggers out there thats the problem.

    So yeah you can wave your flag to heather but if she really cared about him even as a friend now after what they have been through together as wife and husband she would have been decent with him and they could have parted there ways amicably.

    but she has chosen to fight dirty.
    Think that Heather Mills is imaging things, because she is now blaming the photographers/pizazzas for everything.
    Heather Mills McCartney is a low-life who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

    If Stella is doing things to protect her father....oh well.

    ***wow...I didn't realize this was a hot button issue...I mistakenly thought it was just a harmless question about people we don't really know...sorry if I offended you.
    She probably does. No love lost between those two!
    If she did the biotch deserved it!!! She nothing but a money hungry gold digger!!!

    Stella mccartney lesportsac travel bag color?

    i really want to buy this bag but i'm not sure of which color to go for..

    at first i was going for the posh print but now i'm starting to think it may be a bit weird to carry around a bag of that color around...

    and now i'm thinking of the quilted but i already have the quilted bag in another style so i'm really not sure of which color to buy...

    the pop print i think is a bit too bright and i feel like it would probably feel kind of out of fashion to wear after a while...

    ahh the dilemma! can anyone help me out!鈥?/a>Stella mccartney lesportsac travel bag color?
    The purple quilted color is cute, go for that one.

    Is Stella McCartney ...?

    Paul McCartney's daughter or Linda's from a previous relationship ?Is Stella McCartney ...?
    Stella is Paul and Linda's daughter.

    Heather was Lindas from a previous marriage. Not to be confused with Heather Mills-McCartney Pauls Ex wife.Is Stella McCartney ...?
    She's both their daughter, and also the most sour faced, miserable woman on the face of this earth - can't stand her.
    Paul and Linda's daughter
    She is paul and linda's daughter
    She is Paul and Linda's daughter.

    Cheryl Cole coat (adidas Stella Mccartney) please heellpp!! :(?

    I have just got to have one of these coats! most beautiful coat I have seen like everrr. any help as to where I can get one? I know its from Stella Mccartney's range at adidas, but need more help than that.. link below Cole coat (adidas Stella Mccartney) please heellpp!! :(?
    Their on sale at Oxfam.Cheryl Cole coat (adidas Stella Mccartney) please heellpp!! :(?
    sorry don't know, but it is nice

    Poll. Stella McCartney or a 4-headed VCR?

    four headed VCR? COOL!Poll. Stella McCartney or a 4-headed VCR?
    stella McCartneyPoll. Stella McCartney or a 4-headed VCR?
    Just a VCR would suffice鈥?:)

    Stella McCartney store...?

    Where in Orlando is the best place to get Stella McCartney gear, heading over in a month and a half and theres a pair of her shoes that I badly want.....Stella McCartney store...?
    she doesn't have alot of her own stores. small boutiques maybe, but her main stores are in New York, LA and Paris. Online is probably the best bet, but i think there might be some department stores in Orlando that have her things, she is fabulous designer! i love her things! but they aren't widely sold!

    good luck and hope you get your shoes! to be sure you do, you cant know if the store will have them, so try online if you can.Stella McCartney store...?
    Some better department stores (ie. Saks Fifth Ave., Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, etc...) often carry Stella McCartney. I would call them first though, before making the trek.
    she has her own web site, it is great
    i suggest looking online you dont need to travel over there to purchase her stuff...
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